An ExpertIntroduce the application and advantages of Bluetooth printer


With the development of Bluetooth technology, people are increasingly inclined to get rid of the shackles of wired equipment, but becuase of the volume, the printer does not have a good way to solve.Consumers for this part of the growing demands.Bluetooth printer homeopathy, portable way, wireless printing,get a strong love from consumers.

Bluetooth printer is the Bluetooth technology used in the printer,get rid of the inconvenience caused by the printer connection,to achieve wireless printing, you can reduce the incredible cable on the desktop,and can move the printer away from the host any move,placed in a suitable location in the room.

Specifications of bluetooth technology global unity,bluetooth printers can be widely used in member software,read membership card number, police, government, environmental protection, health, testing and other industries of mobile print output and other occasions.

Bluetooth technology is an instant technology,it does not require a fixed infrastructure,and easy to install and set,do not need the cable to achieve the connection,use is very convenient,just need to complete the matching can be put into use,operating threshold is low.

Compared to other ways such as infrared,bluetooth transmission protocol has a clear advantage in speed,bluetooth 4.0 theory maximum speed of 24Mbps.


Although there are many advantages,however, because the Bluetooth transmission protocol and other 2.4G devices,are sharing the signal of this band,it will inevitably lead to the phenomenon of mutual interference with the signal.In addition, the Bluetooth protocol is not a free technology,any use of this technology manufacturers have to pay a royalties to the organization,and this part of the cost will be reflected in the cost.

Many printer products in the current market,while the Bluetooth printer is relatively small.The so-called Bluetooth printer,refers to the host side with a single-chip to simulate the printer to work,intercept from the host parallel to the outgoing data and control signals,and sent to the printer via a Bluetooth wireless connection.In the printer side of the microcontroller is based on the Bluetooth data received to simulate the host to control the operation of the printer,in order to achieve the printer and the host Bluetooth wireless connection.As most of the mobile devices (mobile phones, notebooks, tablet PCs) are equipped with Bluetooth chips,no need to connect the data line can be quickly identified, simple operation, easy to connect.

According to the size of the machine can be divided into:Desktop Bluetooth printers, portable Bluetooth printers.According to the printing method, can be divided into: Bluetooth Dot matrix printer, Bluetooth thermal printer.
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